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this tweet right here officer

5 1 Jun 22, 2018

katerina (cat-er-Ena) de luca. 🐾🍒

12 1 Jun 22, 2018

About The Former London-based Fashion Blog: The Trend Pear. "Friendship means different things to different people, for us, our friendship has always been based around fashion and style. The long hours we have spent discussing and analysing the latests trends and happenings within the fashion community resulted in a decision to create a way of documenting our joint interest, the result of which has been The Trend Pear. The Trend Pear was born out of a love and respect for the fashion community and our aim is to convey our mutual interest through style reports, street style posts and concise articles on various different elements within the fashion industry. The world of fashion is changing, moving away from gender specific clothing and towards a much more genderless space, where men and women can enjoy fashion together. The Trend Pear is run by both a boy and a girl therefore we are perfectly placed to provide both a male and a female perspective of the fashion industry. Fashion is intrinsically linked to lifestyle, with trends in holidaying and food occurring just as regularly as trends in fashion, and we will keep you updated on the lifestyle trends we are interested in as often as we can. Through our posts we aim to provide you guys with style inspiration and offer you  our opinion on events within the industry. We hope you enjoy The Trend Pear as much as we enjoyed making it. Lots of Love, Eleanor and Max.

11 1 Jun 22, 2018

Selena and her friends are meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican City. // traplena

26 3 Jun 22, 2018

guys,,, can you imagine how proud Robin will be of harry :,( im crying fuck this oh no

18 1 Jun 22, 2018

i have risen from the dead once again! 🤪

21 6 Jun 22, 2018

raquellestevens Via Instagram Stories// traplena

25 1 Jun 22, 2018

Y'all asked for it so here y'all go.👑💕😏😛

1 1 Jun 22, 2018

Sky Stalker out now in the store🔥 Cop or drop?👇 #fortnite #battlepass #battleroyale #fortnitedesignz

8 2 Jun 22, 2018

She’s so goals 🔥 dualipa #dualipa

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