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🛑🛑ALERT ALERT ALERT🛑🛑 👽 yungcrowndoe 👽 🍋TAKEOVER 5.25.18🍋

43 12 May 25, 2018

'bout to touch the sky 📷: _______________________ Outfit: Cap: antisocialsocialclub Hoodie: champion Pants: adidas Shoes: yeezyboosts (Blue Tint)

32 3 May 25, 2018

"So much the better. Once you've grasped this secret, you'll know why you believe in it. But in the beginning, despite its simplicity, this secret will seem so surprising that you'll be incapable of understanding it - or even believing it, for that matter. So I have to ask you to make a small leap of faith. If the secret exists, you'll have gained everything because of your faith. If it doesn't, you won't have lost a thing." -The Instant Millionaire . Thankfully I made the decision to try something I never thought would ever work. This “business” I had no intention of being a part of...but here I am!

34 4 May 25, 2018

Some shoe inspo for your Friday 💕 #weddingshoes

26 1 May 25, 2018

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21 3 May 25, 2018

My oil painting exercise today. I had a few capsicums to roast with winter veges , I love their waxy gloss & shine, so plopped one in a tiny, little pottery bowl I found at the back of the pantry & endevoured to paint it. Lone Capsicum, Little Bowl, 25 ×25 cm.

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