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I encourage everyone to read below about who the face of Dominion is. 👇 #FastRepost from DominionMovement by fastrepost_app ••• The story behind the face of Dominion: Documentary "I met him, as I all too often do, in the holding pens of a slaughterhouse. Only days old, he was a 'bobby calf' an unwanted, unprofitable, life from the dairy industry due to being born a male and thus not capable of producing milk. He was to be killed hours after his photo was taken here. Although this photo is all that now remains of him, in taking it, he is not forgotten. He is the face of countless others who live and die at the hands of humans in the industrialised commodification of animals." - Aussie Farms Investigator #govegan #DominionDocumentary #dominionmovement #babycalf #beautifulbaby #animalabuse #animalcruelty #leavecowsalone #leaveanimalsoffyourplate #veganforlife #friendsnotfood #rip

4 0 Apr 24, 2018

Not gonna lie being vegan was easier at home when I have full control of what I can eat/make. But it’s still possible to be vegan out of a home environment, you just have to be a little creative and a whole lot of patience

12 1 Apr 24, 2018

I need one of these Mediterranean Paninis with home made vegan mayo!

31 1 Apr 24, 2018

Mind, body, & spirit 🔥🔥🔥 #LetsWin

23 1 Apr 24, 2018

Been wanting to get my hands on this for a while. Found it at snapkitchen which i happened to try out for the first time today! The dan dan noodles were 😍🤪🤤. Go check them out! • • • #vegan #veganrecipes #veganfood #veganism #veganfit #vegano #vegans #veganpower #veganshare #veganeats #veganfoodshare #veganforlife #vegana #veganfortheanimals #vegangirl #veganlove #veganfoodie #vegancommunity #veganlife #vegansofinstagram #veganlifestyle #veganlife #vegansofig #veganfriendly #veggies #food #lifestyle #yummy #veganlatina

19 0 Apr 24, 2018

Had a good weekend eating good quality Mexican food this was not as bad as I thought it was going to be thank god.

10 1 Apr 24, 2018

First attempt at cooking quinoa came out good

28 3 Apr 24, 2018

#Food producers in  #France will be forced to think of new ways to describe some of their vegetarian and vegan foods when they are banned from using terms such as “vegetarian sausages”, "vegetarian mince" and “vegan #bacon ”. French MPs have voted to outlaw use of such vocabulary, claiming they mislead shoppers. Firms will no longer be able to use "burger", "steak", "sausage" or “fillet” to describe foods that have no meat in them, such as "ham" slices or "chicken" pies that are made of soya or wheatThe measure was put forward by MP Jean-Baptiste Moreau, who based his argument on a judgment last year by the #European Court of Justice that soya and tofu products could not be marketed as “milk” or “butter”. Mr Moreau, a farmer and member of President Macron’s En Marche! party tweeted: “It is important to fight against false claims: our products must be designated correctly: the terms #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin!” Refusals to comply with the ban will lead to fines of up to €300,000 (£264,000). In Britain, reaction was divided. Some consumers wondered whether the French meat industry was feeling threatened by the rise in popularity of #veganfood others doubted that consumers would ever be confused. One said: "This is #ridiculous . I can tell you now no carnivore has ever bought #veggie sausages or Quorn thinking they were buying meat."Wendy Higgins, of Humane Society International, said: "It’s a shame that instead of embracing #vegan and #vegetarian food, France has adopted a position of defensive paranoia. But ultimately it won’t stop the rise of #compassionate #eating because the delicious, nutritious, #Earth -friendly and ethical benefits will prevail regardless of what you call the products.” . . . How about we call your dead flesh and animal secretions by their real names and stop cutting up #meat products into cool little shapes that look #nothing like the animal it came from because if it did #people would throw up . #govegan #plantbased #vegansofig #vegancommunity #veganism #veganforlife #vegans

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