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T-90 at the Victory Day Parade in Moscow, Russia Follow for more about the world 🇸🇪🇩🇪🇬🇧🇰🇵🇲🇦🇷🇺🇦🇲🇰🇿🇺🇿🇺🇸🇰🇷 Follow worldoffascism Tags • • • #fascism #history #eu #europe #middleeast #africa #usa #northamerica #southamerica #asia #carribean #geography #vexillology #flags #military #germany #sweden #russia #democracy #communism #rightwing #leftwing #maga #gay #lgbt #humanrights #unite

13 1 Jan 20, 2018

~Name: Tuvalu, ~Name pronounciation: Too-val-oo, ~Location: Oceania, ~Capital: Funafuti, ~Colors: Blue, red, white, aquamarine, yellow, ~Meaning: The Union Jack (upper left) reflects Tuvalu's long association with Great Britain. The nine gold stars are symbolic of the nine islands within its borders, and aquamarine stands for the surrounding Pacific Ocean, ~Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II, ~Interesting fact(s): Tuvalu does not have an embassy in the US (or basically anywhere for that fact) – the country’s only diplomatic post is in Fiji – Tuvalu does, however, have a UN office located in New York City, New York, USA! ~Bordering countries: --- ~Language(s): English, ~Major religion: Christianity, ~My opinion: --- #countries #flags #vexillology #world #geography #history #culture #facts

49 0 Jan 19, 2018

Travel map of the week shows how flags are combined 🇫🇴🇧🇾🇬🇷 For more go to #travelmapoftheweek 🇳🇬🇱🇻🇵🇬 🇹🇯 This does not show every world map🇸🇱 🇦🇩 🇦🇬 #flags #turkey #canada #malaysia #vexillology #london #usa #uk #berlin #indonesia #la #nyc #seattle #jakarta #germany #france #paris #spain #barcelona #madrid #italy #rome #machupicchu #Egypt #brazil #rio #moscow #russia #thenetherlands

2388 55 Jan 20, 2018

Botswana. Blue symbolizes the water from the rain. It is a very important resource for the people due to the dry winds that come from the Kalahari Desert. The black stripe symbolizes the harmony and cooperation between the people of different races who live in Botswana, as well as the racial diversity of the country. The combination of the white and black represent the national animal of Botswana: the zebra🦓. (Flag stablished in 1966) 🇧🇼 #vexillology #botswana #gaborone #africa #zebra #desert #flag #independence #kalahari

18 0 Jan 20, 2018

~Name: Turkmenistan, ~Name pronounciation: Turk-men-i-stan, ~Location: Central Asia, ~Capital: Ashgabat, ~Colors: Green, white, red, yellow, pink, ~Meaning: The flag feature a white crescent (symbol of Islam) and five stars those stars represent the five regions of the country. Placed upon a green field is a symbolic representation of the country's famous carpet industry, ~Head of state: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, ~Interesting fact(s): It used to be that a young unmarried woman proved her worth by displaying how well she wove a carpet! Umm... Ok? ~Bordering countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran, ~Language(s): Turkmen, ~Major religion: Islam, ~My opinion: So you know how a unofficial rule of good flags is simplicity? Ya, so Turkmenistan failed. Still good flag though. Also as a Russian, I have to approve of the Russian-looking rugs, I'll take one. #countries #flags #vexillology #world #geography #history #culture #facts

57 2 Jan 19, 2018

I found this flag on a BuzzFeed article called 59 Interesting City flags. This was the unofficial flag of Cape Town from 1996 to 2005. The flag was created by a graphic designer and depicts Table Mountain (with its neighbouring peaks of Devil’s Peack and Lion’s Head. The other photo shows what is now used as the flag, which is the city’s logo #capetown #flags #vexillology #flagsoftheworld #weloveflags #flaglover #flagsfordays

55 0 Jan 19, 2018

#Repost churchstreetflags with get_repost ・・・ Today's Flag: Battle of Bennington 1777 From Standards and Colors of the American Revolution and Wikipedia: The original of this flag exists, which in itself is somewhat unusual. It was donated to the Bennington Historical Museum in the 1920’s. Tradition held that the flag was carried during the battle on August 16, 1777 and was carried off the field by Nathaniel Fillmore. The flag was handed down through the Fillmore family. Nathaniel’s grandson, Philetus P. Fillmore, flew it in 1877 to commemorate the battle, and at one time was in possession of President Millard Fillmore. Mrs. Maude Fillmore Wilson donated the flag to the museum. Hence the flag is also referred to as the Fillmore Flag. However, the size of the original would lend one to think it was too large to carry. Might have been displayed on a pole. The machine-woven fabric of which it is made is considered more likely 19th century work rather than 18th century. It might have been made as early as 1812 to drum up patriotism in that war, or for the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1826 or as some experts believe, made for the Centennial celebration in 1877. The flag is unusual, not only for the “76” in the canton, but the stars are seven pointed, and there are more white stripes in the field than red stripes. The battle itself was pivotal as part of the overall Saratoga campaign under the British General Burgoyne. In an attempt to round up supplies and horses, Burgoyne dispatched a force of Hessians, Canadian loyalists, and Indians under Colonel Baume to Bennington, VT. Expecting Bennington to be lightly protected, it was actually well defended as the locals had requested a protective force after the British victory at Fort Ticonderoga. That force was commanded by General John Stark. Wet weather played a delaying role. The belligerent forces engaged each other at Walloomsac, NY ten miles west of Bennington. It was an overwhelming victory by Stark. British dead counted 207 and captured over 700. In comparison, Colonial casualties amounted to 30 dead 40 wounded. #charlestonsc #vexillology #charleston #flag gomiatt

16 1 Jan 20, 2018

This is the flag of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was adopted on May 28, 1980 and first flown on Discovery Day June 24, 1980. The blue triangles are tribute to the Union Jack of the United Kingdom. The two red triangles represent he two main areas of the province the island of Newfoundland and the land region of Labrador. The gold arrow represents the move toward a “brighter future” and also honors the sacrifice of the people of the province in the military. The triangles and arrow come together to create a trident, representing the province’s dependence on fishing and other ocean resources. I made this flag myself. #vexillology #nava #newfoundlandandlabrador #newfoundland #labrador #canada #province #country #countries #flag #flags #arrow #unionjack #britain #uk #triangles #triangle #fishing #ocean #island #favoriteflags

19 0 Jan 19, 2018

The last one!!! #AntiguayBarbuda is unique! And guess what the color red signifies the energy of the peoole here, NOT blood. I have some more things to show you and a confession. I missed #CHAD and #ROMANIA due to a confussion. #FlagsInOrder #Vexillology

22 2 Jan 20, 2018

~Name: Uganda, ~Name pronounciation: Yoo-gan-da, ~Location: Eastern Africa, ~Capital: Kampala, ~Colors: Black, yellow, red, grey, ~Meaning: The flag's colors: black, yellow and red, represent the Ugandan people, sunlight and brotherhood. The centered "Great Crested Crane" is the country's national badge (symbol), ~Head of state: President Yoweri Museveni, ~Interesting fact(s): A Ugandan president is called Museveni, no matter the outcome of the elections! ~Bordering countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, ~Language(s): English, Swahili, ~Major religion: Christianity, ~My opinion: The entire Ugandan army consists of 3 men and a stick, #countries #flags #vexillology #world #geography #history #culture #facts

55 11 Jan 20, 2018

Rarely do I get excited about socks. That changed today. Huge thanks to thestatemate!! #LoveWhereYoureFrom #NewJersey #StateFlags #vexillology

26 2 Jan 19, 2018

Flag of the day: City of Lajkovac, Serbia #serbia #flags #vexillology

21 0 Jan 20, 2018

Today’s Flag: Eutaw Standard (of Colonel William Washington's Third Legionary Corps) 1780-1781 This flag is also known as the Regimental Standard of the Third Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons. The actual flag was approximately eighteen inches square including fringe. According to Loeser US/Flag and Standards and Colors of the American Revolution, Lieutenant Colonel William Washington was third cousin to George Washington. He had served as Captain of the 3rd Virginia Regiment of 1776 and was wounded in battles at Brooklyn and Trenton. Serving under General Nathanial Greene in the southern campaign, he fought at Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk Hill and finally at Eutaw Springs where he was wounded again and taken prisoner. He was decorated by Congress with a silver medal for his leadership of the dragoons at Cowpens. Legend has it that Miss Jane Elliott, daughter of Colonel Elliott of Sandy Hill Plantation near Charleston, asked her fiancée, Colonel Washington, to bring his standard back covered in glory as he was about to embark on the campaign of South Carolina battles listed above. Responding that he had no standard she promptly cut a piece of brocade cloth from either her draperies or the back of a chair and fashioned a standard for him. He obviously did cover it in glory and it flew again at their wedding in 1782. They settled in Charleston. There were other battles after Eutaw Springs, but none of any strategic significance. On 14 November 1782 the last of the 137 battles fought in South Carolina and the last battle of the American Revolution occurred on Johns Island (Charleston County).” If you want to win a bar bet with someone in New England, ask them in which state did the most Revolutionary battles occur. They will never know the correct answer: South Carolina. #flags #historiccharleston #charlestonsc #vexillology #revolutionarywar #charleston

39 1 Jan 20, 2018

#Repost nickyj124 with get_repost ・・・ Rarely do I get excited about socks. That changed today. Huge thanks to thestatemate!! #LoveWhereYoureFrom #NewJersey #StateFlags #vexillology #njflag #newjerseyflag #flagfashion

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