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Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away. This is one of those moments! ❤️ Photo by: heatheratkins_kiddphotography

19 1 Feb 20, 2018

Does snowshoeing on #lakesuperior next to her #icecaves ever get old?

36 3 Feb 20, 2018

Divorce is not something I ever planned for in life. I guess no one plans for it. It's hard to still love someone and part ways, but it's true what people say, that love is not enough sometimes...💔 --- I thought I knew what my future held and where I was going, and now I see my path has shifted and I'm meant for something bigger in life. I am a warrior and this new path ahead will be a rocky one, but I am meant to tackle it on my own. --- I may not have ever set forth on this journey if not for this sudden shift in life, and for that I am grateful. I look forward to coming out on the other side stronger, better and wiser. Cheers to new beginnings and the start to something BIG. 👑

21 1 Feb 20, 2018

✨Just finished packing about 50+ #gifts today! ✨Orders had been building up through this long weekend as #USPS is closed today! Good bye #Monday ! 🙏 You’re a good (& hectic) one! ❤️☕️😉 . . . . natural #handmade #organic #candles #wedding #birthdaygift . #wedding #weddinggifts #bridesmaidgifts #maidofhonor #giftboxs #bridesmaidsdress #weddinggift #weddingfavor #dc #dcwedding #Virginia #Virginiaisforlovers #Virginiawedding #favors #maidofhonorgifts #soapgifts #beetsandapples #beetsandapplesgifts .

32 1 Feb 20, 2018

Love the snowshoers in the top left of this pic.

26 3 Feb 20, 2018

It's like a winter wasteland

39 3 Feb 20, 2018

I'm not cold mom, I'm shivering from excitement!

43 2 Feb 20, 2018

A little run to clear the mind. My next 3 years will be confirmed tomorrow. Maybe back to Virginia ... #orders #pcs #usnavy #navychief #virginiaisforlovers #eastcoast

1 0 Feb 20, 2018

Mother & Son Dance ✨

53 2 Feb 20, 2018

My favourite shot of the day.

25 2 Feb 20, 2018

Winter trip night one! Pit stop at Auntie Jeanette and Uncle Pat’s for some pool, ping pong, fireside Olympics viewing on the patio, and dinner! #virginiaisforlovers #wintertrip2018 #olympics #billiards

22 0 Feb 20, 2018


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