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Remember that one time we walked around Chinatown passed midnight? ⛩ The food was terrible, but the sights were nice. #visitsanfrancisco #sanfrancisco #visitcalifornia #travelphotographer #chinatown #nightphotography #nightout #phonecandid

10 0 Sep 25, 2018

Great weekend trip to SF with great people... 📌ᴄᴀʟɪғᴏʀɴɪᴀ 🇺🇸 - sᴀɴ ғʀᴀɴᴄɪsᴄᴏ

106 7 Sep 25, 2018

Halloween decoration 😀🎃👻😍 seen in San Francisco Wish you all nice day😘 __________________________________ #sanfranciscolove #sanfrancisco #visitsanfrancisco #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweenusa #visitusa #visitcalifornia #lovecalifornia #halloweeninsanfrancisco #autmnlove #autumn #fall #herbstliebe #herbst

18 4 Sep 25, 2018

.. As much as we all want to get a shot on this spot its humbling to say I’ve meet a lot of people who are deep in the art photography & videography. . . . The number one thing that they all have said was that in this day and age photography can be misconstrued for the likes and the follows! . . . . But I’m not in it for that! I do this because I finally found a passion that I love. It’s way better than where I use to be, busting knocks and always having to watch my back! I can finally say I’m no longer hittin the streets worried about the police anymore or what trouble ima get into! If y’all knew me then you know I was a trouble maker! I hope y’all can be inspired . . . What are somethings you can drop from your life that you know would take you further in life if you did?

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