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The transformation is indeed never ending. Right now it feels like my job is to do less and feel more. To let the art be a force that softens me and opens me up to what is happening beneath the surface. To slow down. To work less. I've always felt deeply, but I was also raised to be a work horse - a do-er. One who can keep going and do more without knowing when it's appropriate to stop and breathe, or when I need to say No. If there was a hole that needed to be dug, I dug it. If there were 2x4s that needed to be carried across the yard, I did it. I've discovered that my essence is inherently generative by nature. It's easy to produce. It's easy to take whatever inspiration comes and turn it into a reality. But I'm also elementally water and S P A C E. I need both. I need deep feeling and I need flow and movement and I need lots of space around me. Lately, I'm bumping up against and questioning some supposition that I've given weight to - one that suggests that to feel things deeply and intensely is somehow a problem. That the goal is to be more even-keeled. But my experience is that the more I expand, the more I become, the more I become grounded in myself and what matters to me, the deeper I feel. That feeling is something I long for as deeply as I long for the moment when I pick up a paintbrush. It feels like life to me. It feels like home (even when I resist...) Can you relate? Is the stream alive and present in you?

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I wish you told me to make something this beautiful #iwishyoutoldme #waysofseeing #thingsleftoutfromartschool #projection #art #contemporaryart #paper #film #gallery

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"남자는 여자를 본다. 여자는 남자가 보는 그녀 자신을 관찰한다. 대부분의 남자들과 여자들 사이의 관계는 이런 식으로 결정된다. 여자 자신 속의 감시자는 남성이다. 그리고 감시당하는 것은 여성이다. 그리하여 여자는 그녀 자신을 대상으로 바꿔 놓는다. 특히 시선의 대상으로" #오늘밤친구 #johnberger #waysofseeing #열화당 #⭐️

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Ways of seeing. Villa empain new exhibition #villaempain #exhibition #waysofseeing #brussels #afterwork #thursday #belgium #milkyway #no #donottouch

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THE ARCHITECTURE OF ANDROGYNY No. 1 / In The Beginning ...A Creation Myth- Milano There is a Hindu tantric saying, nadevo devam arcayet, “by none but a god shall a god be worshiped”. The deity of one’s worship is a function of one’s own state of mind. -Joseph Campbell, The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space. #WaysOfSeeing, "Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” ― Joseph Campbell, #TheFlâneurLife, #UnderTheInFluenceOfDreams, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” ― Joseph Campbell, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living. #TheAuthenticLife, #NotThingsIdeas, #MyLeicaVision, #InstaTheArchitectureOfAndrogyny/InTheBeginningACreationMythNo.1/Milano, #TheCuratedMind, #HeedProjectedSocialArchitecture, #MicroVisionsInAMacroWorld, #LarryPaulScott, #TheMarginsOfThought

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#art #artwork #villa #villaempain #fondation #fondationboghossian #preview #press #pressday #presentation #mood #moodboard #how do you feel today? Work of art #a map of days Grayson Perry 2013 #waysofseeing starting from tonight in Brussels thanks to the duo curator Sam Bardaouil&Till Fellrath

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Raindrops on mushroom 🍄 #awalkinthewoods #rainydayviews #waysofseeing #dogwalksintherain

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