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Taking in the breeze 🌱

0 1 Sep 25, 2018

ตั่วเฮียของข้า ใครอย่าแตะ #เลือดอ้วนตัวจาง

1 1 Sep 25, 2018

Adoption Alert 🚨 Meet Marcy! This young kitty is currently living in Oceanside with her foster family. She is a shy and sweet young girl kitten 🐱 who is affectionate and funny once she gets to know you She truly does crave attention, and, if you are patient with her, she will show you lots of head butts and purrs. She is overcoming her shyness and becoming more confident day by day “When she first came to us, she was a nervous kitten and found comfort under the bed. She now meows for attention and greets us at the door when we come in. She loves to play on the cat tower (which her foster will donate to her new adopter), and is an enthusiastic supporter of treats. She has done very well with other cats, and is interested when introduced to new friends. If you just hang out with her without forcing her to interact, she'll come and say hi and ask for pets on her own. She enjoys playing with a wand 🐭 or string" Marcy is looking for a quiet home where she can feel safe. Kids would be great if they can be calm and gentle with her. It will take a little time for her to settle in and learn to trust, but once she does, you will see that she is a real sweetheart 💕😻 Here’s how you can meet this pawsitively stunning young cat - 🔹Let us know if you have any questions 🔸Send us an eatadoptlyff or fill in the pre-adoption form After a quick call with someone on the team, you’ll be able to meet Marcy at her foster mom's in Oceanside (she'll be at most adoption events) Then...fall in love with this purrfect cat, and you’ll have a new best friend and truly loyal companion, fur-real We can’t wait for Marcy to find her forever home - she is such a gentle soul and loving soul and deserves her chance to find the best new life possible #lyff #lyffcatrescue #lyffmarcy . . . . #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #adoptedismyfavoritebreed #catstagram #catlove #cat_features #ilovemycat #catsofinstagram #catoftheday #lovecats #northcounty #sandiego #vista #temecula #sanmarcos #oceanside #Escondido #fallbrook #riversidecounty #murrieta #IGcats #catfollowers #weeklyfluff #meowdel #catfeaturefriends

4 0 Sep 25, 2018

Baby shark do-do-do-do-do-do 🦈

2 1 Sep 25, 2018

It’s been such a long week already #tiredtuesday . . . #balousfriends #weeklyfluff #kittylookbook #neko #tabbylove #tot #tabbytuesday

2 1 Sep 25, 2018

Staring out the window wondering when this clear substance will stop falling from the sky? What is this? Why does it sound so scary? 😩☔️

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