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#minimaniamonday // I love all of the_happy_planner sticker books but one of my favourites is the 1050 Coordinated Sheets book. This is a great book for anyone starting planning. Check out my latest #planwithme on my channel! . . . #thehappyplanner #meandmybigideas #mambi #mambihappyplanner #minihappyplanner #beforethepen #weeklyspread #planahappylife #planner #plannercommunity

2 0 Jul 17, 2018

Went back to carpet planning for a couple days

3 1 Jul 17, 2018

#beforethepen in my #happyplanner with the Emma kit from thestickershopco.

8 1 Jul 17, 2018

I realized I never formally introduced myself sooo HI FRIENDS!!!! 💕 government name is jessica but jess is fine!! I got into decorative planning in early March of this year after looking for an outlet for some extra anxiety I was dealing with. I’ve always been a planner and used the lily pulitzer agendas throughout college but the stickers take everything to a whole new level 😍 I’m a mental health therapist, wife, & dog mom to the cutest freaking golden retriever you’ve ever seen, Eli! 💕 I love everyone I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made through this amazing community already, & I’m super thankful for all of you!!! 😘 oh yeah & here’s my planner. she’s a beaut. I’m an open book and love connecting with people so if there’s anything else ya wanna know, hit ya girl up! 💕

70 14 Jul 17, 2018

Reveal from yesterday’s WEEKLY GUIDANCE offering! 🌿🌿🌿 (If you haven’t seen it yet, check back on my page and choose your card). Which card did you choose to help you keep aligned with your highest good over this upcoming week? 💕🌿🔮✨ * There is definitely a lot of interesting energy at work this week for us! Collectively we’re working through some big themes, all involving ownership, authority, clear communication and truth and fairness. Keep reading to see your guidance based on the card that you choose for this up coming week. * Left: EMPEROR This week you are being called to stand your ground and hold your power. “Walk softly, and carry a big stick” comes to mind. It may just be that you are moving into a phase where you are taking your ideas and putting them into form, or it may be that you will be embodying firm boundaries, authority, leadership, protectiveness, strength and personal responsibility. Doing what needs to be done, and recognizing that sometimes rules have a darn good purpose. Note, that this is not about power over others, but about an inner power, that in turns reflects to the world around you. . Middle: KING OF AIR This card has come up a number of times over the past while. The King of Air is about clear communication of thoughts and ideas, it’s about personal sovereignty, it’s about leadership. You have come a long way, don’t doubt yourself now. It’s time to ground your thoughts and ideas, and with a clarity of mind, share them with others. Also, be aware of if you feel that some else perspectives are having influence over your actions, or over your own self talk. Stop and ask, is this true for me? Alternately it might be appropriate for you to seek good council - perhaps a lawyer, a banker, therapist, or someone who can give your more clarity. But bottom line, this is about YOU and YOUR clear thoughts and communication. * Right: JUSTICE Truth, fairness, the law of cause and effect is at play this week if you chose this card. Here you have a beautiful reminder to pause before acting and speaking. Asking self, “Is this true? “ Truth is truth. There can be no denying nor arguing with it. On an outward level, (cont...)

9 3 Jul 17, 2018

Weekly Guidance Reveal for 7/16 — 7/22. Or whenever you see it! [ You can book a reading with me for $5.55 at the email (ReadingsWithCC ] 1. You may be thinking or spending a lot of time analyzing your foundations and the way you come across. This week, plans are needing to be made on your success story, how do you want it to look? What’s the type of person you want to be? How do you want to feel? And what do you want to accomplish are power questions for you. Think them through and answer them well. 2. You’re tired of being orthodox and living your life in the way many others would approve of, this is encouraging you to see your visions through that you would want to achieve. It doesn’t matter that others don’t get it. You do, and that should be your focus for this week. 3. This is a non-action oriented week guys, I’m sorry to tell you because I picked this one too lol. But this is really saying to do the things that you’ve pushed aside on your to do list, like spend time with your friends, laugh! Enjoy yourself and spend some time out doors as well. This is positive because balance is needed, we cannot be “do, do, do!” all the time, so go out and have fun!

3 1 Jul 17, 2018

Here is my last half of last week's spread! I'm really satisfied with how the spread turned out. 😍 #planner #weeklyspread #erincondren #erincondrenlifeplanner #plannerholic #stickers #stickerholic #planwithme #beforethepen #stickerhoarder #plannerforlife #plannergirl #stickerlove #plannergirl #plannerlove

2 0 Jul 17, 2018

Stamping drives me batty but I couldn't pass up the cute little houses 🏡

16 1 Jul 17, 2018

Last week 🍋 🍋 Kit from wildsummerdesigns (first time in over a year and a half since I’ve had McDonald’s, and there’s a reason why I stopped eating there🤮 - the coffee is bomb though ☕️ I’ve also been low key obsessed with lifewthegreens They are such a sweet little family 💕💕 . . #erincondrenlifeplanner #weeklyspread #planneraddict #planningcommunity #planneraddict #plannerstickers #planning #plannergoodies #stickerobsessed #foilstickers #happymail #washiwednesday #foxyfix #b6travelersnotebook #accessories #planneraccessories #simplygildedwashi #simplygilded #washiaddict

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