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JUST SO YALL KNOW I WROTE A REALLY LONG CAPTION AND IT GOT DELETED AND MY INSTAGRAM IS BROKEN AND MY CAPTIONS WONT SAVE SO DEAL WITH THIS..sorry for the all caps oops im too lazy to rewrite is now -edit:just found out i have too many hashtags on it

30 3 Oct 14, 2018

This pic is so chute ❤️ imzachherron whydontwemusic • • • • • • Follow woahlimelight for more! 👀 • • • • •

42 7 Oct 15, 2018

y:Dying) she was coving her ears jo:Oh corbyns going to get food you can go-) she got up and ran to corbyn-Your pov- c:Hey) y:Hey) i smiled he and i walked to the food place y:So do you have a show tonight?) c:yeah and i think your going on too if you feel up to it) y:Yeah) if you forgot i’m a singer but Zach and Rachel seem to be having fun ugh i hate her why can’t she just stay out of my life why is she like this c:you ok?) y:What?) c:You zoned out) y:Fine) i smiled -Rachel’s pov- z:Thznks) he said putting his shirt on r:Anytime) z:Just to be clear that was a one time thing) r:Awe why do you still have feelings for y/n?) z:What no sgz has a boyfriend and i’m happy for them) r:Ok then you will ask me to be your girlfriend) z:I-I) r:So you like her?) z:No Rachel, will you be my girlfriend) r:Gladly) i smiled he got up and walked out my plan is working perfectly y/n will pay for what she did, acting so innocent) i fixed my hair and walked out-Jonahs pov- no one likes rachel around but Zach r:Jonah give me that) she pointed to my phone jo:The hell no) r:Stupid bitch now) i threw my phone at her r:respect people) she scoffed and went on snap maps r:Oh how cute y/n and Corbyn are together) she said sarcastically jo:Shut up) z:Don’t talk to her like that) jo:Make me) ja:Hey stop) d:Rachel stop being a problem) r:Oh Dani you will never understand girls since you’ve never had a girlfriend and still have your v card) d:no idiot i have had sex and i have had a girlfriend) r:I can see why she left you) y:Hey we are back) jo:Zach and Rachel are dating) y:What?) z:You got a problem?!) ..-SPAM THE COMMENTS- #dontforgetwdw #wdw #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #whydontwetexts #wdwfunny #whyshouldntwe #fanfic #wdwislife #wdwstupid #wdwfollow #wdwnotice #wdwlife #wdwtexts #DanielSeavey #JackAvery #Corbynbesson #JonahMaria #ZachHerron #Seaveyfamily #Bessons #Herrons #wdwwilllive #wdwtour #wdwnews #wdwinterview

223 2 Oct 15, 2018

y:And whst if i do herron) z:Your a bitch) y:Why do you get so mad? it’s not like you love her) z:and what if i do) y:Then prove it) z:Kiss her?) y:No say you love her, look her in her eyes and say what you love about her and nothing sexual) z:I-I) r:You what?) z:I -I can’t) r:Really Zach you asshole) she stormed away z:Wtf we are no longer friends) y:Well your dating my enemy so i didn’t think we where) he stormed away c:Hey you ok) y:I just need some time) i seeped off the bus and ran to the show we are playing tonight manager:You ok?) y:Just need some practice) i smiled he shrugged and gave me a mic y:because these words are knifes and often leave scars the fear of falling apart) i sang ?:*clap*clap*clap*) the person in the front row my friend Jonah jo:hop down) he held out his hand) i took it and hoped down y:What?) jo:I brought you food and are you ok what’s wrong) y:I don’t even know at this point it’s like everyone is turning on me my friend is dating my enemy and he knew i hated her) jo:Hey it’s ok I promise it’s going to work out) i smiled-Jonahs pov- i’m not here because i want to steal Corbyns girl i’m here because i want to be her friend jo:Why dose she hate you) y:I don’t even know) -Rachel’s pov- i took the lighter and burned the picture of y/n r:Soon you will be gone)..-SPAM THE COMMENTS- #dontforgetwdw #wdw #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #whydontwetexts #wdwfunny #whyshouldntwe #fanfic #wdwislife #wdwstupid #wdwfollow #wdwnotice #wdwlife #wdwtexts #DanielSeavey #JackAvery #Corbynbesson #JonahMaria #ZachHerron #Seaveyfamily #Bessons #Herrons #wdwwilllive #wdwtour #wdwnews #wdwinterview

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