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I used to chase relationships. Chase love. Each breakup devastated me. Each time, convinced I’d never see it again. I stayed too long and loved too hard. My search for love started early. A fifth grader addicted to her first taste of attention from the opposite sex. My mother tried to instill confidence in me but instead of harnessing it to have love for myself I used it to attract men. Every choice I made revolved around a man. I thought the solution to all my problems was to be loved but it wasn’t love. It wasn’t until I allowed one man to reduce me to nothing did I wake up. So depressed I couldn’t be around another human I found myself. After time I began enjoying being alone. The anxiety disappeared and I started to date myself. I went to movies alone, took myself out for a drink, took myself to dinner. It makes me smile thinking about it. It was such a liberating time. I thought about what I truly wanted and stopped chasing love and decided not to accept anything less than what I deserved. And I didn’t. Sometimes a guy wouldn’t even get past a text if he wasn’t approaching me with respect and honor. I learned that these actions were part of loving me and nothing felt better. By truly loving myself I was able to love my friends and family better and in turn received an out pouring of love from them. I know you’ve heard it before but it’s true. Loving who God made you to be will help you to love others and bring you the kind of love you could only dream of. I challenge you to take care of yourself today. Take yourself out! I promise you won’t regret it.

10 2 Oct 17, 2018

.... Bleeding Black My Beauty - And tonight Your wings lifted you on Glistening blackened blades Cutting the wind Under shimmering moons light Take flight, oh Raven my Love Take flight And as you are called on In the night Know that I await thee Dormant within This lovers patience For that time Your love demands of you Our sweet souls returned Into one another So that once again I may draw breath Into this cold and paled body Thus, feeling the pressures of Our consummated skins Warming and feeding Our senses Beyond... - So Take flight, oh Raven And be free To return once again... - Us Into us. - LWH 10-16-18 .... Drawing by stevegoadart .... #globavoicesunite #bymepoetryaus #freewrite #poetsofinstagram #writing-community #writers #writing #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #prose #poetrycommunity #poetry #wordswithkings #poetsofig #writersofig #wordswithqueens #writingcommunity #poetryofinstagram #runawaywriters #poets #spilledink #bymepoetry #igpoets #heartofpoets #igwriters #bymepoetryamerica #poeticsighs #forever #foreverlove #livebyword #writersofig #hutch3713

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hi school is really overwhelming how do i quit

13 9 Oct 17, 2018

to me, trust is earned, built, given, not easily handed out, but it’s taken back very quickly. it can fade with time, fade away that is, but it can also fade in with time. trust isn’t earned easy once it’s taken away, but it’s not impossible to regain another’s trust. it just takes time, effort and dedication. to me trust is rare, but, for love, for friendship, relationships, family, TRUE love, it’s needed. trust, just as love, is everything. | comment below what trust is to you.

86 2 Oct 17, 2018

“Either the you fit the suit or the suit fits you” 🤵🏽 I wasn’t just made for loving you I was made for you.

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