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Bring on the new week! Who’s ready? #Repost ・・・ The mommy life... getting ready to add another little peanut to our family... I know the coffee and wine will be double for sure! ▫️Find this sweater #momlifebelike

6 1 Feb 19, 2018

For the last several weeks.. Sunday nights have become my night of self love and self care. Mama gets a hot shower to jam to some tunes, shave her legs, wear a mask! I’ve recently stepped up my game with herbalessences Bio: Renew line in Refresh Blue Ginger & Micellar Water. This stuff smells ahhmazing and leaves my hair cleaned from its essential antioxidants! It’s paraben free and helps purify hair from what it’s been used to over time! Sunday nights just got a whole lot better! 🙌🏻 Check out to purchase your very own Herbal Essences bio:renew! meijerstores #sponsored #herbalessences #sundaynightrituals #selfcare #mamalife

148 6 Feb 19, 2018

Literally how I feel every. damn. weekend. Between toys, dog hair, more toys (and I've downsized multiple times!), crayons, hunting gear🙄 and laundry .... oof. Now I remember why we hired a cleaning lady 😂 As I get closer to my due date I think it may be time to call her up again! 🙌🏼 #Sunday #reallife #boymom #mylife #workingmama #allday #everyday #cleaning #obsessed

15 1 Feb 19, 2018

This little one. She’s been through the ringer this week. Not only does she have about 6 molars coming in, but she’s been breaking out with eczema. We’re working hard on figuring out what’s causing it and so far she’s responding well to the treatment we’ve been giving. It just breaks our heart that she has to go through this. Despite all this, she smiles through it all. 💕Anyone else been through this??

14 2 Feb 19, 2018

Driving home from work the other night and my mind started to drift. Going to work and coming home are some of the only times I'm truly alone, just me. I work weekends most times (Friday/Saturday) and I must say that I so love these times to myself. I'm sure you mamas can agree that time to yourself is a valuable treasure! I ended up stopping by a nearby park for just a minute or two to watch the sunset. It's the little things in life, ya know? . . . #sunsets #theunseasonedmama #workingmama #stayathomemama #sahm #workfromhomemama #mamalife #momlife #justmythoughts

13 0 Feb 19, 2018

how would you wear this dress?

11 1 Feb 19, 2018

I also shaved my legs more than once a month 🤭🤣 #momlife #parenthood #showeringisoverrated

10 3 Feb 19, 2018

I posted my morning ritual this morning on my own personal page and every mama wants this book and mug! Mug is from Target.. book is highly recommended for all mama under a lot of stress. #metrodetroitmoms #workingmama #momboss #bosslady #mindfulmama #coffeeaddict #targetstyle

11 0 Feb 19, 2018

Warning⚠️Long sappy post ahead: This month marks my 6th year as a R+F Consultant🍾and last night while sitting on my couch, enjoying a glass of wine I got a survey response from one of my customers. She spoke about how our products were reliable, trustworthy and worth the investment. She also expressed that she would love to see them have more natural ingredients, (more from me on this topic later) and I loved reading her perspective. But the last portion almost brought me to tears. It read, “Jessica is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is knowledgeable and caring and authentic with her own life journey.” Guys THAT is why I do this and will never give up. I believe with my whole heart that these products are truly the BEST ( #1 skincare brand in the US), but it’s making an impact on someone’s life that means the most to me. If I’ve ever reached out before regarding these products or the biz, it’s not because I’m trying to be “THAT GIRL” it’s because I TRULY feel like this could be something life changing either for you or someone you may know. What this side gig has done for me over the years is invaluable, but what it’s done for me lately seems a bit bigger. It’s made me feel like I’m something a LITTLE more than just a maid, cook, professional butt wiper, nocturnal beast (you know how I feel about sleep😴) and chauffeur. I’m so thankful for what it’s brought to my life and I look forward to seeing the impact on others lives in the future. I will never “sell” you something that I don’t think you’d love, and I promise to continue being my authentic self not only in business but motherhood as well 😉 Happy Sunday Funday and thanks to all my customers, consultants and friends who’ve supported me along the way. Your presence in my life is priceless. ❤️ #authenticityguaranteed #lifechangingskincare 📸- gillespiephotog 2012

43 6 Feb 19, 2018

Did my demonstration speech today on sleep training💤 the no cry it out method! Elias actually got to be in it so I was pretty much a natural at giving it 🤷🏼‍♀️ thank gosh! #speechclass #mama #workingmama

27 2 Feb 19, 2018


16 1 Feb 19, 2018

#truth Love me some wine 🍷 especially on Wednesday nights ! Wednesdays are my Fridays. I work in a middle school ) so there’s whining at work and at home 😝😝 How do you deal with whining ? I also scream lol not just wine 🍷 😂😂😂 #momlife #wine #busymom #momblogger #momboss #workingmom #workingmoms #workingmomma #workingmama #healthcoach #healthcoaching #healthcoachmom #functionalmedicine #healthymom #murrieta #california #healthandwellness #healthyrecipes #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #wiseandwinewednesday #bzhealthymama #healthymind #healthymama

10 0 Feb 19, 2018

10 hours down some cardio then back to work #bossbitch #workingmama

2 0 Feb 19, 2018

At work with mama for a quick drop in. #futurerealtor #intraining #workingmama

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