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Who says art only belongs in the galleries? Made a balloon chandelier with an amazing trio of artists in our main store inspired by our new exhibition Inflatables: Expanding Works of Art 🎈🎈🎈 #inflatables #illooms #ledballoons #balloonchandelier #marble #primarycolors #expandingworksofart #colossal #exploratorium #diy #artsyfartsy #museumbrat #mcm #workingmama #girlboss #bosslady

5 2 May 22, 2018

Let it go. Today had been one of those days. I always knew that being a small business owner would come with its challenges. I never knew the challenges would be this tough so soon. This emotional. This frustrating. This deflating. When I start questioning my worth because of what one person says -I know I need time out. I need to let that shit go and move on. There are 6 billion people in the world. I can’t let one of them ruin my life. #letitgo #theshitisreal #smallbusiness #smalbusinessowner #bakery #hoboken #newyorkcity #workingmama #workingmom #thehustle

9 1 May 22, 2018

Ella es hermosa en todas las formas que existen para serlo 👑 erikadlarosaactriz 💞 📸 esquedachris 💄 ger_parra 💇🏼‍♀️ fertzpedraza 👏🏻😍 #ErikaDeLaRosa #Actriz #Actress #WorkingMama #LadyMT #GirlPower #Woman

16 1 May 22, 2018

Monday night: SPAGHETTI that’s so good you won’t even CARE that it’s not “real” pasta. Also you won’t care when you dunk a giant piece of garlic bread in it 😜💕 want the recipe??? #mealtimemonday #simplemeals #zoodles #workingmomlife #workingmama

4 0 May 22, 2018

Kai pulling a Stewie "mom mom mom mama mama mama mommy mommy mommy" #mamasboy #workingmama #missingmrchunks #missingmykiddos raydynortiz

14 1 May 22, 2018

Life is all about balance. Some days, you wobble. Some days, you stand tall. Some days, you do a little of both. ⚖️ . Today is a little of both. . What is balanced: my morning workout game was #onpoint + this preworkout #mommagic helped me dial in, even after a busy weekend (scroll through my #instagramstories to see! 👆🏻). From that moment on, my day has been equal parts teacher life + Mom life. 💗 . What isn’t balanced: my eating. 😜 I let 3 factors influence me towards #emotional eating: 1. I have a not-so-special visitor. 😉 2. Birthday indulges reignited my sweet tooth! 🤗 3. Kellen is still sick, now with strep. I figured crushing a bag of Craisins—not a part of my #timednutrition or #cleaneatinglifestyle—was how I’d manage my stress. And the fact my husband is still at work as I type this is tipping the scale as well. #momlifeatitsfinest 🙌🏻 . But here is the key to managing all of this: redefine balance for YOU. Set your own expectations, your own standards, your own rules each day. Be present. Be patient. Be productive. But also be perfectly imperfect. That’s what life is all about. 💗 . And when you realize you can make a change, reevaluate your choices, remember that every day is a fresh start. Don’t let one bad decision or bad day or even a bad season get in the way of the #freshstart available to you when you wake up. 💗 . In the past 2 years, I’ve developed so many habits + that help me right my imbalanced ship. I’ll be sharing those—along with a 3-week wellness challenge—in my F R E S H S T A R T mini challenge that begins next week. This is your chance to start anew, to redefine your balance, to find your day 1. Click through my bio to apply today! 💗

16 2 May 22, 2018

So, I did this thing today. I went to a loooong overdue doctors appointment. (These allergy struggles..gawwwwh!!) However, I didn’t go to a doctor that I found on my insurance providers website and I didn’t find a big, local practice. I found a functional, holistic doctor. After spending time with the NP, I am so excited to see what this medical avenue will do for my overall health. I’m seriously considering doing a blog or a vlog to document my experience. Are there any folks out there interested in following a functional medicine journey to treat my allergies and hopefully get me off of anti depressants for GOOD? (**I realize I’ve never divulged that I struggle with depression. It’s flippin’ HARD to be vulnerable, ok.) If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll document this little journey 😜 #schoolcounselor #healthymindset #fitnessformoms #trainyourbrain #depression #anxiety #functionalmedicine #holistichealing #holistichealth #mentalhealth #icanandiwill #determined #bestself #growthmindset #naturalhealth #naturelovers #motherearth #carmelindiana #avon #brownsburg #indiana #workingmama #workingmom

15 3 May 22, 2018

Joined the minivan club today and I love it 😍 . And best of all my husband took care of the whole transaction - car buying is not my cup of tea! #newcar #minivanlife #automaticdoors

18 4 May 22, 2018

Keeping up with my garden with a toddler in tow is proving to be time consuming. So I’m thinking of making her her own marigold garden! Need to find something interesting to plant them in 🤔🌼 #garden #mumlife #toddler #flowergarden #entrepreneur #jugglinglife #workingmama

13 1 May 22, 2018

Saw this from themomworks and I love it!! Woman are way too quick to tear each other down when we should be lifting each other up! 💕 - - - - #womenempoweringwomen #bestrong #befriendly #besupportive

20 1 May 22, 2018

Per my brother’s request, today’s hand lettering is my Korean name - I was adopted from Korea 31 years ago, so I never learned to speak, read, or write in Korean, but I think Korean characters are so beautiful and fun to write...enjoy! #day25 #30dayhandletteringchallenge #cmpaperchallenge #chelseamarblespaper

14 2 May 22, 2018

Tonight when I got home from work I rolled around with Breezy tickling, laughing, and just being silly. Then we sat a read “Baby Loves Gravity”! Well we got through the first 3 pages before he tried to eat the book 🤣😂🤣 we love that the story is about a little brown boy! It’s so important that Breezy has books with faces that look like his ❤️ #representationmatters #booksformybrownboy #blackboyjoy #readtogether #letthembelittle #storytime #workingmama

15 1 May 22, 2018

This is me lately! I feel like talking takes the last of my energy y’all! This also applies to text messages- I respond in my head a loootttt! No love lost people! #antisocialpreggo #busymama #workingmama #25unreadwhatsappmessages

6 0 May 22, 2018

It's true! Ladies, I've fallen into this trap so many times. Sure, we want to help them as much as we can while they still allow us to do it, but we also have to make them into productive members of society. And they can truly do more than we give them credit for as long as the expectation is set. My son loves to crack eggs, put clothes in the hamper, and put all of his trash in the can. He's also recently started putting dishes in the sink. It's a process to get there but once you both do you'll save time, energy, and brain space.

12 3 May 22, 2018

#NewPoemPublished #ByMe in the new issue of northamericanreview & it was also a #Finalist for their #JamesHearstPoetryPrize & I wrote an article for their #Blog #CheckItOut #PoetLife #WorkingMama

34 4 May 22, 2018

One morning.. you’ll wake up and just feel it. You’ll realize that caring what people think is worthless. It has no value on your life. Nobody can dull your light but you... So shine bright, girl! ❤️ #livingoutloud #beunapologeticallyyou #livingBOLDY

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