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As an ambitious mother, trying to get my business up and running, be the best teacher & practitioner I can be, and the most attentive mama I can be all at the same time, I relish the moments that I can just sit, stare at a tree, and drink a cup of tea. . Even just a minute between other moments of chaos can reset my whole day. . . Happy #selfcaresunday everyone! What are you doing for YOU today?

1 1 Feb 26, 2018

Meals prepped for the week ahead!! . I made a focus today to get my breakfasts all ready to rock this week!! 6am isn't exactly my favourite time of day 😣 so minimizing my list of things to think about that early makes a world of difference. Get up😪🍳...digest😊...energize⚡...twerk it out 🏋️‍♀️. This precious #momtime needs to be simple and quiet...a time to plan my day...set my intentions...start fresh. . This egg bake is super easy, and super versatile!! I made it in a square glass tray today but it can easily be made in muffin cups. I just loved the look of it all together. The bright colours make it so appealing!! 😍😍 . To make it: 🍳 8 eggs 💦 2 tbsp water 🥕1/4 C carrots diced or shredded 🌶1/4 C diced bell pepper 🍃1/4 C chopped baby spinach 🥓 4 slices of turkey bacon chopped 1/2 tbsp olive oil . Preheat oven to 350°F. Use oil to grease the tray or muffin tin. Beat eggs together with water. Add in the veggies and bacon and mix again. Pour mixture into pan/tin and bake for 30-40 minutes. If using muffin tins this should take about 30 minutes. If using a square like I did it took 40 mins. Just watch for the eggs to set in the middle. Serve immediately or keep in the fridge for up to 4 days. I've also made this and frozen it. You can use any variation of veggies, proteins, or cheese that suits your taste!! . . . . . #girlmom #momoftwo #csectionrecovery #vbacmama #breastfeedingmama #styledbyme #momstyle #awkwardness #momootd #figureskater #figureskating #dancemom #workingmom #retaillife #shoppingismycardio #momlife #bodypositivity #tiumealprep #tiucanada #tiumom #toddlerlife #lifewithkids #retailmom #busymom #mealprepideas #mealprep

3 0 Feb 26, 2018

Working is definitely easier with an adult beverage! 💜🥂 . . #SundayVibes #Sunday #Weekend #SundayFunday #BohoGirl #HippieVibes #HippieGirl #WorkingMom #Boutique #Chattanooga #BlissbyKatie

0 0 Feb 26, 2018

Our little explorer. This age might be my favorite yet. Every little new thing he learns gets my heart beating so fast. And the best: his cute little face when he makes another mind blowing new discovery! Stay wild, my child, there’s so much more to discover 💛 • • • • • • • • #ig_motherhood #bestofmom #momlife #mom #childofig #babiesofinstagram #workingmom #boymom #thatsdarling #kids #family #parenthood #love #mylove #mommy #cute #instalove #baby #family #mamaleben #lebenmitkindern #instamutti #thisismotherhood #bloggermom

4 0 Feb 26, 2018

You have all seen how fitness and nutrition has completely changed my life. But what you may not know is that it's actually been Coaching that has had the biggest impact on ME, in every aspect of my life. I feel like a completely different person in so many ways that it makes my heart incredibly happy. I feel fulfilled, driven, purposeful, confident, and determined. I have the closest group of like-minded friends who lift me up every single day. Coaching has brought me so much joy and I want to pay it forward. I want to show you that this life is something anyone can have. I am not more special than anyone else, but when you are THIS passionate about living a happier and healthier life--miracles happen. Lives change. If you have ever thought or wondered about what it is I do as a coach-- I would LOVE for you to take a peek during our Behind the Scenes into Coaching Happy Hour! I want to be the person to answer the "what ifs" and the "maybes". . . . . . . . . . #journeytofit #lifestylechange #beforeandafter #90lbsdown #progressnotperfection #workoutmotivation #homeworkout #cleaneating #healthybodyhealthymind #momofgirls #liveyourbestlife #fitnessjourney #momgoals #momlife #igtransformations #starbucksaddict #workingmom #brunette #carolinagirl #brunettesdoitbetter #longhair #longhairdontcare #blueeyes #happy #beauty #girlswithtattoos #coffeelover #personaldevelopment #hotmess #friendshipgoals

4 0 Feb 26, 2018

{IS THIS TOO OVERWHELMING}? . . 1.You do not eat many veggies. 2.You do “NOT” have time to meal prep like that. 3.You can not be cooking 2 different meals( one for you and one for your family). 4.You are too tired to do all that. 5.You have to much going on. 6.You can’t spend so much money on eating “healthy”. . . . My solutions- responses: 1. Eat the ones you can, and little by little introduce a new veggie to your taste bud each week. 2.My meal prep is JUST what I take to work. And I prep for 5 days. You can meal prep each night every 2 days.... however you wish, and in less than 1hr. I choose to do my 5 days because it’s more convenient for me. 3. I do NOT cook 2 meals. That will be insane! My meals are kid-friendly! 4.Tiredness is ONLY beaten when you fuel your body correctly, and workout! Yes! Bad nutrition will drain your energy and make you feel sluggish ALL the time! There is a lot of science with good food & exercise to keep your energies going! Google IT! 5. Don’t we ALL! It’s a matter of priorities! You take care of yourself FIRST! 6. Tell me your budget for weekly groceries, and I’ll show you how to Shop. It’s NOT expensive! You just have to know what to Shop! . . Any other reasons of WHY you can’t boost your ENERGY with yummy food? . . . Timed Nutrition➕Exercise➕Support=Success Story! . . I am REAdY to ROCK week 7! ✔️Meal planned ✔️Meal prepped(2 snacks + lunch per day) ✔️Checked In with our Challenge Group ✔️Timed-Nutrition 100% ✔️All workouts completed on Week 6 All ✔️s leading to SUCCESS😘 . . . Get on the Next Online Challenge : START:03-19-18 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇵🇷 For info: DM

2 2 Feb 26, 2018

I am SO excited to have my website updated!!!!! . Doing my happy dance 😄📷🥂 . #lovelifeyoulive #livelifeyoulove #hhpva #smallbiz #smallbusiness #workingmom #familybusiness #workhard #workfromhome

6 1 Feb 26, 2018

Who else had an AMAZING weekend? 💖💖 Let’s have another amazing week! 👏🏼

15 2 Feb 26, 2018

Meal Prep ✔ Ready for school ✔ Kiah's Bootcamp ✔ 1 mile run ✔ These people wanted to play games tonight KNOWING how they act when we play. Draw 4 = getting these hands 👊. I'm not competitive *flips over table*. 😂 #bingo #uno #family #familyfun

8 1 Feb 26, 2018

22 days until Spring! Woohoo!!! . Most of you are excited—after all the warm weather sure has added a pep to our step these last few days. I know there are others who are reading this post that are dreading it. . Sure you enjoy the warm weather, the bright sunshine and the fresh air—but I also know you enjoy covering up with your cozy leggings, warm bulky sweaters and lose fitting clothes. . If you haven’t started already or maybe you’ve given up—it’s time to get started again, but THIS time you’re not in it alone! I am here to help you feel confident, beautiful and healthy going into the Spring season! . If you are ready to sweat, have fun, eat yummy food, join a community of inspiring women who are also crushing their health and fitness goals—then this group is for you! . Enrollment is NOW OPEN for my March group and I want to help YOU! If you’re ready to learn more—message me or comment 👇🏼 now with what you’re looking forward to this spring season!

5 1 Feb 26, 2018

▪️New York is The City All Other Cities Dream of Being▪️ ••and this week I work here••• #lovewhatyoudo #luckylady

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