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For the first time in a month today, it came creeping back in. I was sitting in the library with one of my best friends, smashing out my study workbook. Any other day I would hi-five myself and happy dance. But for some reason when I walked back to the car, my backpack seemed to feel heavier and heavier. My breathing became rapid, and my stomach began to tighten. I felt sick. I sat in the car and cranked the air con, my face was burning with heat and frustration as my thoughts started rolling out...’Not good enough’. ‘Not this again’ Then the tears came rolling down. To be honest I can quite pinpoint what event it was that was upsetting me, maybe that old story again that I’m not where I’m supposed to be right now. But what I do know for sure is that once I collected my breaths again, remembered my relaxation exercise and played some soft melodies - I gently reminded myself that I’m not getting trapped in that place again. That old story is no longer true. I’ve got evidence to prove it. I made my way home, cuddled Lewis and said ‘let’s go for our walk’. We did the coastal walk, went to his favourite park and step by step the fear slowly floated away in the gusting wind that was reminding me I am alive, I am here. I sat on the grass, watching Lewis rolling around in the mud and laughing at his crazy puppy antics. Again in that moment, with my hands and feet sinking deeper and deeper into the ground, my fingers touching each piece of grass individually - I reconnected, recalibrated and recovered. All the tools I needed were available to me. I just needed to allow them to come to me without fighting. Before you know it I was back in the door of my apartment, pouring myself a peppermint tea and writing my next poem of the day. And this is the sweet version of success I was looking for all along ✨ #anxiety #depression #therapy #writingcommunity #success #counselling #anxious #selfcare #mentalhealth #mindfulness #selftalk

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Time changes hot coffee into cold sugar water. Make it on time. lasabhuri

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I had intense nightmares, I  awoke at three thirty two, Eyes open in the dark, seeing and feeling everything true, The void grows where my heart was, I can't stop thinking of you, This exact moment confirmed everything I already knew I wrote poems titled Consumption, and now I'm consumed by you, Every beat of my heart I can feel you coursing my veins, It seems you were the one flooding my heart like endless Rains, It seems the champion of war has lost a battle, but I'm glad it's to you, Because I'm awake in the dark writing a poem of you at three thirty two, Consumption III By Mikhail Wolf ©wolfspoetry, #tagtheartist #remastered #eroticpaintings #wolfspoetry #poetryinmotion #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetrynyc #poet #poetsofinstagram  #instapoet #instapoetry #instapoem #instawriter #igpoet #igwriters #jamaicanpoets #writersofinstagram #poeticpictures #poetrysociety #writingcommunity #writer #spokenword #newyork #prose #drawing #art #erotic #spilledink #eroticpoetry Photo: Unknown.

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™ Picture I took on my way home yesterday. I've noticed because I've been so busy that I haven't been doing the things I love most. My poetry , taking photos of the beautiful sunrise/sunset, music, art.... This is going to change today and I'll have more time to pursue what I truly want soon..God is good, He lead me this way 💛 Sometimes we have to pull back and just let our bodies heal. Release the busyness that corrupts the world and sleep in peace, so that our minds may be at perfect alignment. The Holy Spirit led me back to my roots last night , home with my grandma & uncle where I got the sleep I so desperately needed. I'm used to fighting my battles alone, so I almost just drove home, but something stopped me and said, "no my child , come home. " Hearing His Loving voice is hard when your mind isn't right from anxiety and you're sleep deprived. Everything suffers when we don't heal, in all ways. Take care of yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in the wrong things - thinking they are right for us when in reality they are killing us. I've been sad about losing my mom, been grieving, it's only been since August, not that it will ever go away, but I deal alone, and sometimes you just need someone to hold you... Not all battles are meant to be faced alone, especially losing someone so close to your heart. Much love y'all. ♥️ © Seraphessence 03.20.2018.

11 1 Mar 20, 2018

I have always been there. I’ve not left you. Your heart never decreases in value. Let me dust you off because you have been hidden a treasure collecting dust for much too long. It is time to stand. Take this journey with me, and I promise you will not disappointed. Oh, the places we will go. ____________________________ broken_truths

4 1 Mar 20, 2018

This awesome piece has been written by none other than Aishwarya aishwarya3899 🔥🔥😘 . Adding my lines too: When you are denied to make a profile in their name... Make a profile with a name of their choice !!! 😂😂😂 -P.S.

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मैं आप दोनों के जैसा कभी हो नही सकता पर मेरी कोशिश यही रहगी की कभी किसी काम मे कोई मेरा जैसा भी ना हो सके (: #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork #alfaaz_._ #अलफ़ाज़ #igphoto #life #igdaily #igwriters #blogger #indianwriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #byme #writinglife #writingcommunity #quotes #quotestags #yourquote #wordporn #writing #poetry #pain #love #art #reading #poetsociety #borntowrite #literature #poetryslam

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🦅Always be in the company of those who lift you up.... . The eagle has landed...a lucky shot during one of our walks at #singaporebotanicgardens 😊 . #lessonsfromnature #naturelovers #inspired #inspire #motivate #naturephotography #nature #words #quotes #thoughts #life #landscape #animalphotography #landscapephotography #writer #writingcommunity

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