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Helping mom with the dishes *tries to lick a plate when mom’s not looking* #yorkiesofficial #yorkie #yorkiesofinstagram #yegpaws #yegdogs #yegpets #instadog #instadogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofedmonton

5 1 Sep 19, 2018

The crazy lady was trying to brush my teeth so I hid in the couch pillows 😌

13 2 Sep 19, 2018

I love the ocean. I could do without all the sand in my diapers.

72 4 Sep 19, 2018

it’s that day of the week again! happy tongue out tuesday! 😝🐶

104 11 Sep 19, 2018

I went on an adventure by the lake today. Man it was hot! I’ve done all the walking I could for the year 💦

5 1 Sep 19, 2018

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621 1 Sep 19, 2018

just a tiny nugget in a great big world...

16 1 Sep 19, 2018

Sitting on my brothers bed when he told me not to. 😜🐶❤️ #yorkiesofficial #yorkie #yorkiepuppy #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkieswag

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