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Keep moving forward! You might have to take a few steps backwards to start, but turn it into progress! - #YoungEntrepreneur #BBE #business #startup

8 0 Mar 22, 2018

BIG day of client meetings 👍

10 2 Mar 22, 2018

When God gives you a vision 👉🏽 You execute it at all cost! Here’s a #TBT To Day 2 of the Documentary Shoot. Fortunate to work with these people krbymusic jaimialexander thetylertyson madebyrodneyjon #HTGAWH coming soon...🎥

91 1 Mar 22, 2018

Keep moving forward, no matter the cost. Where you are is a result of the work you’ve put in. Don’t like where you are? Don’t look back... move forward. Work harder. Harder than you ever have before.

49 4 Mar 22, 2018

Psalm 91:1

16 4 Mar 22, 2018

Aside from the utter disappointment that is train travel, yesterday was an action packed day 🙌🏼 • Second year running at the B2B / B2C marketing expo • Learning about a ton of awesome businesses in the marketing space • Got the chance to quickly connect with dpjmcgregor after his keynote, and give him a little pykeandcogroup gift for socialchain ✌🏼 • And the evening concluded with a cheeky Nando’s ft. zoecharlotteex 🙌🏼😊 •

10 1 Mar 22, 2018

Let me tell ya the importance of networking & keeping good relations‼️Met kidswhobank at the youthempowermentshow (a GREAT place to network BTW, all ages/careers 😎😎) & ever since then we connected & kept in contact. Fast forward to now she asked me to be apart of her event 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Never be afraid of putting yourself out there & making those connections ✨🙌🏽 *April 29 #Kidpreneur Awards Gala Black Tie event* tickets in kidswhobank / jaymorerealty bio 👑💕

27 8 Mar 22, 2018

You In Mind Designs is now taking on more clients for custom made website design Now offering a pay later option for custom made website design You In Mind Designs

12 3 Mar 22, 2018

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6 4 Mar 22, 2018

Marketing content is a profitable advertising scheme, whereas marketing for sales is strictly an expense. _____ Sales content aims at converting viewers into customers. It is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Sales marketing attempts to convince people that a particular brand is the best, or that the brand’s products and services are right for them. However, if the sales campaign fails to return a sufficient number of conversions, it is a waste of money spent. ______ Marketing content aims to attract people to whatever you’re selling and the brand you’re building in an organic manner. By providing value through content, a brand can build trust with the audience in a more cordial manner (i.e. without the immediate pressure to buy). In time, the audience becomes permanent and scalable enough where it begins to produce income (e.g. other companies will pay you to advertise to your audience). Unlike sales marketing, the money spent on marketing content can eventually return exponentially on the investment if done right.

12 1 Mar 22, 2018

Meaningful is... * ✔️Walking your own path ✔️Progress not perfection ✔️Making the difficult choices ✔️Getting uncomfortable ✔️Doing the work ✔️Ending somewhere on purpose * How are you getting messy today? I’d love for you to share!

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