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Step under the rain shower at Quincy and enjoy the gentle caress of "rain drops". Work up a lather and breathe in the sensual unisex scent of Santal 33 from the lelabofragrances bath and body amenities provided. Thanks to these little luxuries, I feel pampered and smell great all day long. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life at #QuincyHotel. See you soon. #stayquincy #quincyhotelsg

28 1 Oct 16, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Ditch the club queues and join our #SilentDisco parties at #QuincyHotel. For a limited time only, slip on the nifty wireless headphones and rave in the comforts of our hotel. With specially curated playlists from three DJs, choose from three channels featuring EDM (electronic dance music), rock and pop tunes. Come, dance with me and toast to a great night with a complimentary drink. Our Friday night headphone parties will kick off on 10 November from 9-11pm. To enjoy perks like these and more, book a Qool Weekend staycation with us. Click on the link in our bio to find out more. #SilentDiscoAsia #SGNightLife

33 0 Oct 9, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Gather your drinking buddies and celebrate the Bavarian festival, oktoberfestasia 2017 from 19-21 October. Sample a variety of Germanic fare and free flow choice of brews from 6pm to 11.30pm each day. Party hard in the air-conditioned comfort of the festival-styled marquee along Tan Quee Lan Street. It is a short cab ride from #QuincyHotel #oktoberfest #oktoberfest2017 #oktoberfestasia • (Image credit: OktoberfestAsia FB)

19 0 Oct 6, 2017 Tan Quee Lan Street

Make a fashion statement with chic eyewear from Korean cult label, #GentleMonster. Their stylish, tinted sunnies are often spotted on trendsetters and celebrities. Check out their full range of eyewear and the store's artistically designed interiors at its newly opened flagship store located at #01-13, ION Orchard. It is a short walk from #QuincyHotel #sgfashion (Image credit: gentlemonster.official )

22 0 Oct 2, 2017 ION Orchard

The quest for delectable and affordable local food is a national passion in Singapore. Zai, our guest service executive, uncovered a bustling halal restaurant that specialises in an iconic local dish called ‘nasi lemak’ (a fragrant Malay rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf). “Nasi Lemak Kukus is a self-service establishment that offers buffet-style nasi lemak. If you [can’t decide] what to order, [I'd recommend] the standard nasi lemak set which only costs $4.00. Best of all, [they serve] unlimited servings of [coconut] rice and ‘sambal’ (a spicy chilli paste) at no additional charge. The restaurant is just a 15-minute drive from Quincy.” – Zai #QuincyStories highlights places of interest in Singapore which are curated by the dedicated staff at #QuincyHotel. #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #exploresingaporeeats #sgfood #sgfoodie #sghotel #nasilemak

35 0 Sep 28, 2017

World-renowned multi-label #fashion mecca, doverstreetmarketsingapore has reached our shores. The brainchild of fashion legend, #ReiKawakubo, the local outpost offers a mix of avant garde and high-end luxury labels, including the full range of #CommedesGarcons with Singapore-only exclusives. Head to Block 18, Dempsey Road at Tanglin Village. It is a short cab ride from #QuincyHotel. (Image credit: Dover Street Market Singapore) #visitsingapore #doverstreetmarket #sgfashion #sgshop #sgshopping

32 3 Sep 25, 2017

Celebrate the great barbecue culture from Down Under at our Aussie #BBQ Nite at #QuincyHotel. We are firing up the 'barbie' (an Australian slang for barbecue) for a night of awesome food and booze specially for our guests. Save the date on 21 September from 6pm - 8.30pm. See you soon. #sghotel #sgfood #barbecue #onthegrill

39 0 Sep 20, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Chill out and mingle with other guests over free-flow evening #cocktails from 6pm-8.30pm at #QuincyHotel. Lounge indoors or enjoy the breeze at our outdoor patio. In the words of poet William Butler Yeats: there are no strangers here; only friends you have not yet met. Let us raise our glasses and toast to new friendships. Cheers! #visitsingapore #sghotel #staycationsg

37 0 Sep 18, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

#ADesignFilmFestival offers inspiration and creative fodder for thought-provoking conversations. We chatted with Felix Ng, the event’s creator who is also behind, about bridging the gap between designers and non-designers. . “We want to aid our community in learning more about design, and to [understand] the trends and challenges that designers face. Film is a good medium for learning and entertainment. We choose [stories] that are timely, relevant and helpful. Of the 10 films from this year’s line-up, ‘Free Lunch Society’ and ‘You’re Soaking in It’ have [inspired] me to think deeply about the challenges brought on by artificial intelligence and automation. [Hearing] stories from the audience - about how a film has [encouraged] them not to give up on their craft, or how the meaning of design has changed for them - is what keeps us going.” . #TheQuincyVogueList is a curated list showcasing the people and places in Singapore that share #QuincyHotel's ethos of “stay different, stay unique”. . (Image credit: copyright 2015, Point Oh! New York) #sgarts #sgfilm #sgdesigner

17 1 Sep 15, 2017

An post-wedding #staycation at #QuincyHotel was just what local blogger Kai Ting and her husband needed to recharge their batteries. Apron-clad and rearing to go, the #newlyweds showed great teamwork and creativity at our Qookielicious cookie making and decorating class. Thanks for the awesome review, KaitingHearts. We are happy that you enjoyed a #QoolWeekend with us. Read her full review here: Click on the link in our bio for more info on our Qool Weekend package. (Image credit: KaitingHearts) #sghotel #staycationsg

26 2 Sep 11, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Dine and boogey your way through The Imaginarium of Disco David by andsoforthsg. Explore a series of five psychedelic rooms and meet strange and mystical characters like David's arch nemesis, B-boy Goliath, whose dance moves will leave you entranced. Your delicious 4-course meal will be served at a secret location. Save your seat before the event ends on 30 September. Approach our friendly concierge at #QuincyHotel for help with your ticket booking. (Image credit: Andsoforth FB) #andsoforth #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #exploresingaporeeats #sgevents #sgfood

25 0 Sep 8, 2017

Fill your day with colour, contemporary art and creativity at the NationalGallerySingapore. Explore dreams and stories through site-specific installations and interactive artworks like, the #ObliterationRoom by famed Japanese artist, #YayoiKusama. Part of the Children's Biennale, catch the show before it ends on 8 October. The gallery is a short cab ride from #QuincyHotel. #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #sgart #sgevents #sgexhibition

38 2 Sep 4, 2017

Make friends with the fascinating residents at the award-winning #SingaporeZoo, one of the key attractions under Wildlife Reserves Singapore ( wrs.ig). Hafiz, our guest service executive, shared his experience of exploring the majestic animal kingdom with his family. . "It was a great [way] for my family to unwind and appreciate nature. We love how we were drenched by the mischievous sea lion at the Splash Safari show. There was never a dull moment and we had a wonderful time.” - Hafiz #QuincyStories highlights places of interest in Singapore which are curated by the dedicated staff at #QuincyHotel. (Image courtesy of Hafiz)

30 0 Aug 28, 2017

A trip to #Singapore is incomplete without a selfie with our national icon, the #Merlion - a half-lion, half-fish chimera. Legend has it that Sang Nila Utama - the Malay prince who discovered our fishing island - was confronted by a majestic lion upon his arrival. Hence, he named our island settlement 'Singapura' ("Lion City" in Malay). While the fish reflects our humble beginnings as a fishing village and seaport, the lion signifies courage and bravery for the future. Hop in a cab and head to the #MerlionPark from #QuincyHotel. Overlooking the Marina Bay, the scenery is postcard perfect. #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #MarinaBay

39 0 Aug 25, 2017

The beautiful #typography in Europe inspired Clarence Wee to discover his calling in the art of #calligraphy. With his gorgeous penmanship, the founder of CraftVaries Type Atelier demonstrated how intricate letterforms are back in fashion. . “Before you begin writing, keep a calm state of mind [and] focus on your objectives and goals. [Being] conscious of your body and posture is critical. From my experience, [calligraphy] allows your true self to appear. With prolonged writing, frustration might [surface] which tests one’s character. [Calligraphy] is a lifelong journey that allows me to learn not only the art of form, balance and perspective, but to apply it to life as well.” – Clarence Wee . #TheQuincyVogueList is a curated list showcasing the people and places in Singapore that share #QuincyHotel's ethos of “stay different, stay unique”. . (Image credit: Craft Varies) #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #sgartist #sgcrafters #sgcrafts

25 2 Aug 21, 2017

A restful weekend at #QuincyHotel is the best way to catch up on your beauty sleep. Laze on our luxurious mattress and check out our new pillow menu. Besides the usual micro fibre and feather pillows, you may also choose from contoured natural latex and Foss Flakes® pillows. While the former is great for back sleepers, the latter can be shaped to fit your neck comfortably. It is also ideal for those with asthma and allergies. Flick the switch to draw down the black-out curtains or, slip on our complimentary eye mask. It is the pawfect way to quality slumber. Pleasant dreams, everyone. #sghotel #fossflakes #pillows #beautysleep

37 1 Aug 18, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Steampunk fashion, larger-than-life contraptions, and outlandish creations await at the wondrous House of Curiosities. Inspired by neo-Victorian fashion and art, the event begins with a fantastical parade and a performance. Catch the event on 19, 20, 26 and 27 August at the Cathay Green, opposite The Cathay. Approach our friendly staff at #QuincyHotel for help with your ticket booking. (Image credit: #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #sgevents #sgnightfest #sgnightlife

25 0 Aug 14, 2017

Join us in celebrating our #NationalDay at Quincy on 9 August. Nibble on some Qool treats while getting a complimentary henna tattoo*. Don our national colours of red and white with sticker tattoos. Wave miniature flags and pose for fun selfies with the pretty decorations at the lobby. From all of us at #QuincyHotel, we wish you a happy 52nd birthday, #Singapore! *The henna tattoo session is open to in-house guests on 9 August, from 2 - 4pm at our lobby. Simply mention your room number to save a spot. Slots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

50 0 Aug 9, 2017 The Quincy Hotel

Rock out with the foofighters at their upcoming concert in Singapore. Lose yourselves in familiar anthems like “Everlong”, “Learn To Fly”, and more. Suit up for a fist-pumping, headbanging, voice-cracking kind of night. The Grammy Award-winning rock band will be tearing up the stage at the National Stadium on 26 August 2017. It is a short cab ride from #QuincyHotel. (Image credit: Foo Fighters FB) #visitsingapore #sgevents #sgconcert #foofighters

37 0 Aug 4, 2017

Pimp up and upcycle your clothes at The Great Singapore Save event. Conducted by Mash-Up, a local #fashion collective, learn to embroider, repair holes, add embellishments and more. Register for the fun workshops from 5 - 26 August at the makers studio, Funan Showsuite. Located at the corner of Hill Street and High Street, it is a short cab ride from #QuincyHotel. Click on the link in our bio for more info. (Image credit: whatamashup) #visitsingapore #exploresingapore #sgevents #sgfashion #sgartist #sgworkshops

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