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I don't have kids, but I imagine this is a nice sentiment to send to someone who does. What's the toy of the year this year? Last year was the hatchimal right? Don't even ask how I know that. 😂

114 12 Sep 22, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Regramming this one because the lighting isn't wonderful in the studio right now, and sometimes you just need to be told that you're magical ✨ Am I right?

74 5 Sep 19, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Today was super fun slinging cards at Folly. I have the sunburn to prove it 😂 Don't forget we'll be at The Royal American from 12-5 tomorrow for thriftersdrifters 😎 Free card to anyone who brings me a mimosa 💁🏻

137 4 Sep 16, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

There has been an odd increase in the number of these cards being sent out the last two weeks. You guys okay out there? 🏥🚑

96 5 Sep 15, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Hey y'all! We're going to be around town this weekend selling Knotty Cards in person! If you're in Charleston and need some greeting cards or enamel pins, come out and see us as well as a ton of other local artists who make some amazing stuff! Saturday we'll be at Folly from 11-6 and Sunday we'll be at The Royal American slinging cards with all of our pals at thriftersdrifters 🤗 Hope to see you there!

53 5 Sep 14, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

I don't know about you but this Tuesday is definitely a Monday and I'm dragging. Wish I could ball up this feeling and slyly push it off on someone else 😏 I probably wouldn't really do that but I'd definitely consider it.

123 6 Sep 5, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

We're pretty sure louabull is exactly the type of shop we'd never be able to leave empty handed 😜 thanks for capturing a great photo of our ass 🐐

106 6 Sep 5, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

We've got a sale on etsy going on now! And ours doesn't end on labor day! Select styles on sale! Check it out in the link in my bio! 🐿

84 1 Sep 3, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Thursday feels 🙌🏻 I was going to post a #tbt but then I thought why even look backwards? I'm not going that way! ✌🏻

143 7 Aug 31, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Still the #1 baby card 👶🏻 We all have that friend who we know will teach our kids their first cuss word. Oh, wait. We are that friend. 😝

138 10 Aug 29, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Guys were super pissed when I didn't post about them for #nationaldogday yesterday. So here they are in all their Sunday morning glory. Professor Noodles and Ralph 😍

110 2 Aug 28, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Guys we have a **SALE** going on now on the Knotty Cards etsy shop featuring some of our old styles that we've either changed colors on or tweaked the design! Scroll through to see some of the cards that are marked down! Link in my bio directly to the sale! Perfect way to look like you're on top of your game sending snail mail 🐌💌

80 4 Aug 27, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

It's been a while since I've done a #fridayintroductions post and holy crap there are 2,000 of you now (p.s. I love you) ❤️ So here we go! - I'm Casey and I've been doing this whole greeting card thing for over 2 years now. - I started Knotty Cards with less than $1,000 to my name after just moving in with my boyfriend, now husband, and no clue what I was doing 🤷🏻‍♀️ - I'm a firm believer that there isn't a "right way" to start this type of business. I've been paving my own way, making mistakes and having victories along the way. I'm beginning the appreciate the journey. - I'm sort of an extroverted introvert. I will talk to you and try to form a connection, but I won't call and order a pizza 🍕 - I'm 27. No kids. Only dogs. But maybe kids in the future? That's scary to think about. - I have an obsession with short dogs. Dachshunds, Corgis, Scottish Terriers. They're the best. professornoodles is my child. - I've been married twice. Whoa! Too personal? I learned so much when I was younger about love and how to be happy, and I'm beginning to understand and be okay with that whole time in my life. - Dill pickle chips are the best. I don't care what you say. - Tell me more about you! I want to meet all you new people! Let's be insta-friends!

114 18 Aug 25, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

I made this card for my dog. 🐶 Just kidding, I guess i could give it to my husband too. 😜

84 3 Aug 24, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

mimibaileyny creating quite a pair with our Granny Panty pin! We're in good company with this fun boob pin from julieannart and bandofweirdos 😂 Love it, thanks for sharing!

69 2 Aug 23, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

I literally want to squeeze your guts out because I love you so much. 🐍 That's pretty much the ultimate way to tell someone what they mean to you.

99 6 Aug 23, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Our house is in the path of totality so we are cooking out and waiting for this big thing to happen. Even though theres 100% chance of cloud coverage 😂 we hope to get a good view of the #solareclipse2017 today! ☀️🌕

110 3 Aug 21, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Hope your Friday is as exciting as a hoe turning into a housewife! Packaging these up today to a bride with a great sense of humor sending these to her bridesmaids! I love working with funny people!

92 7 Aug 18, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

Yeah, not a fan of those birthday cards that shake all over and yell songs at you. Simmer down, please.

125 4 Aug 16, 2017 Charleston, South Carolina

I've held the notion for a long time that my personal political beliefs don't belong at the forefront of my business. It was just a choice I made. My parents taught me to not talk about religion and/or politics in a public forum. It wasnt anyone's business. But recent events have changed that. This isn't political. It's about people. If spewing hate for an entire group of people is your idea of free speech then we need to talk about your meaning of freedom. I was born and raised in one of the most conservative counties in South Carolina. I know the confederate flag well. I've heard the N word used regularly as long as I can remember. I was raised to not see color. I had friends who looked differently than I did. Who loved differently than I do. Maybe that's part of the problem though. To not recognize the hardships others face because of the color of their skin or the love in their heart is a tragedy in itself. Saying, "Everyone is equal in my eyes" doesn't matter when that's not true in many others' eyes. So I'm choosing today to not be quiet anymore. I can take back roads to my childhood home and drive by a place where the KKK has and probably still does meet. It's 2017. I can scroll through Facebook and see comment after comment from people I care about, that I couldn't disagree more with. In 2017, Hate is unacceptable. The strongest people I know look different than I do. They love a different gender than I do. Why is their world so different than mine? It's unacceptable. In 2017, hate is unacceptable. This isn't about government. This is about people. This is about us. Humans. What a waste of time and energy that there are still people in this world who are willing to waste so much it on hating entire groups of people who are different from them. I'm ashamed that this is still such a prevalent part of this country, and particularly part of this area of the country, my home, that I take so much pride in. So here it is. My personal belief. I believe that love is so much stronger than hate. I'm ashamed this is still happening here. And I'm so angry that people are still this ignorant and hateful, as if we haven't learned a single thing from our history.

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